46th BMFBF

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Banff, AB | Canada

International film, book, and photography competitions featuring the world's best mountain and adventure films, books, and photos. Film screenings, book presentations, and guest speakers from around the world.
Awards in various categories: Grand Prize, exploration and adventure, mountain culture, mountain environment, climbing, mountain sports, mountain wildlife and natural history, creative excellence, and People's Choice.
Member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF).
The festival also organizes a film tour with the best films. Go to Film Tours for more information.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival




  • 29 Oct 2022
  • 6 Nov 2022

Entry deadline

  • 3 Aug 2022

Festival awards

Award for Creative Excellence
Best Film: Exploration and Adventure
Best Film: Mountain Culture
Best Film: Climbing
Best Film: Mountain Sports
Best Film: Snow Sports
Best Film: Mountain Environment & Natural History
Best Short Mountain Film
Best Feature-Length Mountain Film
People's Choice Award
People's Choice Award for Radical Reels
Special Jury Mention

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