SERIES | Les coulisses de l'exploit

A la conquête du Jannu

A report documenting the efforts made by a French expedition led by Lionel Terray to conquer an inaccessible peak of the Himalayas, the small Jannu, 7710 meters high. After a first attempt in 1959, finally in 1962 the goal was reached, at the cost of extenuating efforts, hardships, dangers and obstacles of all kinds. On April 27, Robert Paragot, Paul Keller, René Desmaison, and Sherpa Gyalzen Mitchu set foot on the summit, followed the next day by Jean Ravier, Lionel Terray, and Sherpa Wangdi. The documentary is a report by the French television broadcasted within the program 'Les coulisses de l'exploit' (Behind the scenes).





A la conquête du Jannu

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