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Barfuß nach innen - Die Kletterlegende Bernd Arnold

Elbe Sandstone Mountains, between Pirna and the Czech border, is one of the most romantic landscapes in Germany. The star in these beautiful rocks is an ascetic man with glasses and a pipe: Bernd Arnold - the Saxon climbing legend from Hohnstein. Even as a child, the 'barefoot climber' stuck to the rock like a gecko. And to this day his motto is: 'Overcoming difficult things with ease'. Whoever sees it on the rock does not doubt the veracity of this leitmotif. Nobody has ever climbed these rocks before him so elegantly. But above all, this sentence proves that lightness is not a question of talent. It has to be fought over and over again with the sport. A portrait of Bernd Arnold at 73 years-old.





Barfuß nach innen - Die Kletterlegende Bernd Arnold

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Barfuß nach innen - Die Kletterlegende Bernd Arnold


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