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Cervino, storia della prima scalata

  • 1990
  • Switzerland
  • Color
  • 19 min

History of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary. The climbing group was led by the British climber Edward Whymper. 7 men left Zermatt on the 13th of july 1865 and reached the summit on the 14th, three days before a competing expedition started from the Italian side. The drama was consummated on the return: the French Michel Croz, and the British Charles Hudson, Douglas Robert Hadow, Francis Douglas, fell on the north side, crashing on the glacier. The documentary is entirely made with photographic, pictorial or engraving images of the time and with a voice-over that tells the story.





Cervino, storia della prima scalata

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Cervino, storia della prima scalata


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