Da Courmayeur al Colle del Gigante

In 1910, Arrigo Frusta and the operator Giovanni B. Vitrotti took the camera up to the 4000 meters high of the Mont Blanc chain to make three short mountaineering films for the Società Anonima Ambrosio. They were the first in Italy to realize documentaries in the high mountains. In this second film, a party of three mountaineers, including Arrigo Frusta make a mountaineering ascent from Cormayeur up to the Col du Geant by the Rifugio Torino. The purpose of the film is to show the beauty and spectacularity of the high mountain landscapes and the the fascination of those who venture to conquer the high peaks. The other two films of the series are: 'Escursioni sulla catena del Monte Bianco' and 'Sulle dentate scintillanti'.




Da Courmayeur al Colle del Gigante

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Da Courmayeur al Colle del Gigante

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  • Da Courmayeur al Dente del Gigante

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