Dangerous ascent of the Zinal Rothorns

  • 1918
  • UK
  • B/W silent
  • 4 min

The ascent of the Zinalrothorn filmed by Frederick Burlingham in september 1916. Burlingham, known at the time as 'The man who kinomatographed the Matterhorn', was a traveller cinematographer and one of the mountain film pioneers. Continuing the mountain film tradition established by Ormiston-Smith, Burlingham filmed several mountaineering films largely in Switzerland, taking mountain film in a new direction of immediacy and perceived peril. In the early history of factual filmmaking, Burlingham played a substantial role in developing the related genres of the mountaineering and the exploration film.





Dangerous ascent of the Zinal Rothorns

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Dangerous ascent of the Zinal Rothorns

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Other titles

  • Perilous ascent of the Zinal-Rothorn
  • Ascension du Rothorn
  • Gefährliche Besteigung des Zinal Rothorns

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