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Das Matterhorn - Vom Mythos zur Marke

On 14 July 1865 the Matterhorn was first climbed. Bergwelten takes this event as an opportunity to take a look at the most exciting events on the most famous mountain in the Alps. From the first summit ascent, the first ascent of the north face in 1931 and the legendary winter solo entrance of the Italian Walter Bonatti in 1965, to the unique achievements of today's mountaineers. The film impresses with spectacular climbing shots and unique shots of the film work in the wall. And it accompanies people whose lives are inseparably linked to the unique mountain on the Swiss-Italian border. The Zermatt mountain guide Michi Lerjen grew up on the Swiss side of the mountain. Hervé Barmasse, on the other hand, comes from the Italian side - as a scion of a mountain guide family, he knows the Matterhorn better than anyone else.





Das Matterhorn - Vom Mythos zur Marke

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