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Das Wunder vom Dachstein

Die Wiedergeburt des Kenneth T. Cichowicz

In autumn 1985, an American member of the armed forces, Kenneth T. Czichowicz falls from the Dachstein Mountain and lies, badly injured, on the edge of the glacier. Twenty days and 19 nights cold, hungry, desperate and hallucinating, before he was finally found, more dead than alive. More than three decades later, his son Casey sets off to the Dachstein, tracing the footsteps of his father, which had nearly made him a half-orphan. Instead, it became worldwide famous as the 'Dachstein miracle'. The film starts with the victim’s desperate attempt to gain the attention of a snow-cat driver. At this moment, Kenneth had already survived two weeks after his fall on the edge of the ice, and vainly he had hoped to be discovered. Suffering incredible pains, he drags himself to a place, from where he thinks he must be seen – but in vain.





Das Wunder vom Dachstein

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