Der Berg des Schicksals

Ein drama aus der natur

After a mountaineer is killed attempting to climb a difficult mountain, his son dreams of conquering the peak that has defeated his father. But his mother makes him promise never to attempt it. Events eventually force her to release him from the promise, and he ascends the mountain successfully. READ MORE




Der Berg des Schicksals

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Der Berg des Schicksals

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Arnold Fanck merits the title of the father of Bergfilm, German's mountain film genre, an historical equivalent in importance to the American Western. Bergfilm, a very popular genre in the 1920s and 30s, typically featured spectacular on-location photography of dangerous climbs, with brave heroes and heroines conquering Alpine lone frontiers. Der Berg des Schicksals was Fanck's first fiction feature film, and somehow marks the beginning of Bergfilm. The film was a great success, especially in Germany, and set the path for three of the greatest figures of the genre: Arnold Fanck (writer and director), Luis Trenker (actor), and indirectly, Leni Riefenstahl (at the time, dancer and a simple spectator). 

Leni, who, like Trenker, would end up becoming a prolific actress and director in mountain film productions, was so fascinated when she saw the film for the first time, that she did her best to meet Frank and Trenker. Leni charmed them, and Fanck wrote the script for his next movie (Der Heilige Berg) around Leni, and her acting career took off.

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