Eiger-Nordwand - Rückblick auf die Live-Sendung

On September 9th and 10th, 1999, Swiss television made a live broadcast of an ascent of the north face of the Eiger by Evelyne Binsack, Hansruedi Gertsch, Ralf Dujmovits, and Stephan Siegrist. They were followed by 13 cameras. In addition, they were equipped with helmet cameras, microphones, and mini-transmitters. This documentary is a retrospective of the two-day live show and shows in detail how the climbers climbed from the bottom to the summit by the Heckmair route. The film provides a first-hand insight into the wall and the demanding and strenuous work of the climbers.





Eiger-Nordwand - Rückblick auf die Live-Sendung

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Eiger-Nordwand - Rückblick auf die Live-Sendung

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