Everest Air

Standing at a jaw-dropping 29,035 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is a climber's trophy that many risk their lives to conquer, including a new high-altitude helicopter rescue team led by Jeff Evans. 'Everest Air' follows the real-life adventures of Evans and his skilled team of Sherpas and helicopter pilots, providing a rare glimpse into the exhilarating encounters and unrivaled majesty of the mountain. Patrolling Everest's slopes from Base Camp to its Balcony, Evans and the Alpine Rescue Service team go higher and further than any group has gone before to aid climbers in need. With unprecedented access, 'Everest Air' captures the mountain's most fascinating stories, right from the front lines.





Everest Air

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Everest Air

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  • E1 - Welcome to Everest: Tragedy Averted
  • E2 - Medicine Mountain Chaos
  • E3 - Life in the Balance at 18,000
  • E4 - Frostbite In The Death Zone
  • E5 - Snow Blind and Stranded
  • E6 - Highest Rescue Death on the Mountain

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