Everest - Un reto sobrehumano

After his successful winter ascent to Nanga Parbat in 2016 with Simone Moro and Ali Sadpara, the following year, Alex Txikon travels to the Himalayas to try the first winter ascent to Everest without artificial oxygen. No one has ever done it without artificial oxygen before. The team reaches Camp 4 at  South Col (7950m), but, unable to set up a tent due to strong winds, were forced back to Camp 3, where they tried to wait for the storm to subside. Unfortunately, it never did, forcing them to retreat. Up to date, Everest has not been climbed at all in full winter since the first winter ascent by Polish mountaineers Cichy and Wielicki in 1980, and is still yet to see a winter ascent without bottled oxygen.





Everest - Un reto sobrehumano

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