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Guido Magnone - La voie des sommets

From the Andes to the Himalaya, from Fitzroy to Makalu and the Mustagh tower, on the west of the Drus, Guido Magnone made his name between the alpinist 50’s giants. Old student of Les Beaux Arts, swimming champion, he is one of the adventurers who dared to storm the edge of the world. In these times, this exploit was as a walk towards the first steps on the moon. Today, Guido is 80, and is still fond of challenges. His memories always give him the great shiver. He tells us about the terrible winds on the argentinean Patagonia, the sherpas fascination for the edges gods. He also speaks of his fight at the head of the UCPA, so that sport and nature pleasures can be transmitted.





Guido Magnone - La voie des sommets

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Guido Magnone - La voie des sommets

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