Im kampf mit dem berge - In sturm und eis

Eine Alpensymphonie in Bildern

The film follows two mountain enthusiasts, battling through a glacier area in the Swiss mountains. The mountaineers are two very prominent skiers at the time, Hannes Schneider and Ilse Rohde, who climb the Lyskamm. The sublime beauty of the film is effectively staged. It pays attention both to the observation of nature and to capture the action and technical difficulty of mountaineering. This is a symphony that celebrates in images the beauty of the mountains with their majestic cloud formations and mountain vistas. It is the second film of the mountain film pioneer Arnold Fanck after his 'Das Wunder des Schneeschuhs' both filmed with the collaboration of Sepp Allgeiger. In 2013 the film was restored by the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation and released in DVD.





Im kampf mit dem berge - In sturm und eis

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Im kampf mit dem berge - In sturm und eis

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