L'ascension du Mont Blanc - Pathe Baby

  • 1920s
  • France
  • B/W silent
  • 3 min

The ascent of Mont Blanc in four Pathe Baby reels. The film is a short version of the 1907 'L'ascension du Mont Blanc'. It shows the ascent of Mont Blanc from Chamonix by a party of guides and clients. The team assembles in front of the statue of De Saussure and Balmat in Chamonix. The mountaineers climb by a succession of snowfields, almost perpendicular glaciers, crossing the crevasses using a ladder. From Grands Mulets, the ascent continues by the glacier, and finally, after two days of travel since they left Chamonix, the team reaches the Vallot Observatory and later the Jansen Observatory, half buried in snow, on the summit of Mont Blanc.




L'ascension du Mont Blanc - Pathe Baby

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L'ascension du Mont Blanc - Pathe Baby

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Other titles

  • Ascension au Mont-Blanc, Ascending Mt. Blanc, L'ascension du Mont Blanc: Excursion en 4 étapes

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