La grande ascension

Their only horizon is the suburbs. They are 'neighbourhood youth', as they are caricaturedly called. They were born and raised in an urban environment, grey and concrete. They are now between 18 and 21 years old, have not studied, and are often in a 'situation of rupture'. They are called Dicho, Rani or Nadège, they feel left behind, on the margins of a society in which they do not find their place. A man wants to help them rebuild by offering them an unexpected and exceptional challenge. This man's name is Marc Batard. A world-renowned and experienced mountaineer, he holds the world record for climbing Everest without oxygen via the Nepalese face in 22h30. Their challenge, if they 'accept' it, will be to accompany Marc on an ascent in the Mont Blanc massif.





La grande ascension

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