Là-Haut, un supplément d'âme

Through the testimony of great mountaineers and Himalayans and the views of journalists, historians and Himalayans on the way to an attempt to open a new path to Amnye Machen (Tibet), the author tries to find an explanation for the desire to go 'up there' when there is a risk of not returning. With the testimonies of: Jean-Michel Asselin, Christine Janin, François Damilano, Pierre Mazeaud, Jean-Christophe Lafaille, Patrick Berhault, Reinhold Messner, Bertrand Roche dit Zébulon, Katia Buffetrille, Elizabeth Hawley, Junko Tabei, Sylvie Braud, Kurt Diemberger.





Là-Haut, un supplément d'âme

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