SERIES | Reinhold Messner - In nome della Montagna (2/8)

Makalu - La montagna nera

Secod episode of the 'Reinhold Messner - In nome della montagna' series. A magazine program by the Italian television about mountaineering feats, presented by Reinhold Messner. In this episode, Messner talks about the expedition he led to Makalu (his 13th 8000er) in 1986. Messner, together with Hans Kammerlander and Gottfried Mutchlechner, reached the summit of Makalu in september. A bewitched mountain: on February the South Tyrolean alpinist tried to climb the terrible summit in winter, which he had to give up because of a violent storm. The programe includes footage of both expeditions.





Makalu - La montagna nera

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