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Owaranai chosen

  • 2012
  • Japan
  • Color
  • 44 min

Documentary on the Nobukazu Kuriki attempts to climb Mount Everest. Kuriki tried to climb Mount Everest without oxygen in a live coverage over the internet, climbing the Tibet side in September 2009, and challenging the Nepal side in September 2010, but failed because it was not possible to climb over 8,000 meters. In his third time climbing the Nepal side in August to October 2011, Kuriki was not able to reach 7,900 meters. In his fourth time in October 2012, he had to give up due to the strong wind, and lost nine of his fingers to frostbite in the attempt, after spending two days in a snowhole at sub -20C temperatures.




Owaranai chosen

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Owaranai chosen

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