Reinhold Messner - Bergsteiger werden - Teil 1

Grundausbildung in leichtem Fels und Eis

You're not born a mountaineer. Mountaineering has to be learned - and you will not find a more experienced instructor than Reinhold Messner! His video mountaineering school helps you to become a mountaineer. Step by step, he familiarises herself with the various requirements of mountaineering. Walking, climbing and the Ketter technique are not only learned in the climbing garden, but also practiced on tour - under the guidance and guidance of Reinhold Messner. Part 1: Basic training in light rock and ice. The training ranges from walking and climbing in pathless terrain to practicing the basic techniques of climbing and belaying in the climbing garden to your first own tour in a rope team.





Reinhold Messner - Bergsteiger werden - Teil 1

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Reinhold Messner - Bergsteiger werden - Teil 1

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