Riso Patron 'Hasta las webas'

Une odyssée en Patagonie Chilienne

Somewhere on the western shore of the continental Hielo, on the borders of Chilean Patagonia, an inaccessible mountain is hidden, the Riso Patron. An Italian and then French expedition ended in failure 33 years before. Lise Billon, Jérôme Sullivan, Martin Elias and Antoine Moineville, all four high mountain guides, will leave in October 2014 to try the summit, unfortunately after an accident, they will return. It is in September 2015, and with Diego Simari, Argentinean guide, that they set out again to explore this region and succeed in climbing the northwest pillar of the Riso patron, 2550 m above sea level.





Riso Patron 'Hasta las webas'

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