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Still alive - Drama am Mt. Kenya

September 5th, 1970: Oswald Ölz and Gert Judmaier, two young Austrian climbers, have just left the summit of Mount Kenya (at 5,199 m, the second highest mountain in Africa) and begin their climb back down the North Face. Suddenly, a rock breaks loose from the cliff face and sends Judmaier plummeting downwards. With his leg severely injured, there is no chance of getting him down the mountain to medical attention any time soon. What starts now, is the first intercontinental rescue mission organized from Innsbruck. After seven days, Gert Judmaier can finally be recovered from the cliff wall and flown to the University Hospital in Innsbruck. More than 40 years later, Prof. Oswald Ölz and Prof. Gert Judmaier are once again on their way to Mount Kenya, this time to celebrate the success of the 1970 rescue mission.





Still alive - Drama am Mt. Kenya

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Still alive - Drama am Mt. Kenya

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