The ice game

From Bridalveil Falls to Bloody Sunday

This film follows Jeff Lowe and Mike Weis's 25 year history of Water fall Ice and mixed routes. from the first ascent of Bridalveil falls in Telluride, Colorado. to routes such as Bloody Sunday, Siver-Tongued Devil and Get a Job. the film includes the first use of the prototype ice piton know as the Snarg. The first ascent of Bridalveil Falls in Telluride, Colorado on January 1, 1974 is a recognized milestone in an unconventional climbing art form: technical waterfall ice. Two 24-year-olds, Mike Weis and Jeff Lowe, notched the remarkable achievement using hickory shafted 70-centimeter Chouinard ice axes, semi-rigid crampons, and prototype ice pitons (Snargs) that had never actually had been fall-tested.





The ice game

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