The Lappnor Project

A documentary about not giving up

In the Finnish forests was an unclimbed route called the Lappnor project. It was considered to be the hardest climbing route in the world and perhaps impossible for a human. Nalle Hukkataival, a strong Finnish climber took up the challenge. It required almost four years of total commitment and his efforts were followed by hundreds of thousands of climbers around the world. When Nalle finally succeeded, it blew away the whole climbing world like nothing before. The first 9A boulder was climbed! The documentary follows Nalle's journey from the very beginning, all the way to the first ascent almost half a decade later. It captures the incredible dedication that was needed to deal with all the variables and to take that last step to open the next level of climbing.





The Lappnor Project

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The Lappnor Project

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  • Nasuyo / 05.01.2021

    "A documentary about not giving up" - Is it really about not giving up if giving up did not ever seem to be on Nalle's mind? :D Impressive documentary about one Boulder climbed by one Boulderer - and his determination. I like the metaphor of the dice, symbolizing the unlikeliness of full climbing a boulder if every single move already is low percentage.


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