• JBone
  • 2006
  • USA
  • Color
  • 59 min

Filmed on location and entirely from a locals perspective at Hueco Tanks, this captivating film defines the various processes boulderers use at this international destination, and how seasoned climbers dig to their roots in pursuit of success and sometimes failure on these world-class test pieces. Thrutch is the definitive collection of bouldering technique and accomplishment that can be achieved as a result of the passion from climbing at the premiere destination that is Hueco Tanks.






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User reviews

  • azjbone / 04.09.2020

    I am the author of Thrutch so my review is probably biased and irrelevant but here are my thoughts anyways. We tried to make a climbing film that was raw and unfiltered and that incorporated techniques that were unique for that time. We didn't have the best gear, nor any money to polish it with, but we tried very hard to make the best with what we had available. We didn't feel the need to only use completed problems but I was fortunate to be able to include quite a few that were. The aim was to showcase the process and soul of bouldering that season at Hueco Tanks as unfiltered as we were capable. If anything, I think we did that. I was extremely blessed to have Andre Dahlman, Nick Berry and Jon Seeger as cameramen and divine inspiration. The real producer was Rob Rice who essentially funded all the climbing tours and countless amount of video tape that the pre-digital world required and also let all of us live at his place, the Hueco Rock Ranch. Thrutch would never have been able to approach the quality of what it is without each of their significant contributions. For us, this was our Golden Age of Hueco. Hopefully after viewing this film it will inspire you to create your own golden age in Hueco or your version of Hueco Tanks wherever that can be. Thank you for spending the time to experience our vision of what bouldering can be to the people who loved to live within it. JBone


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