About us

What is mntnfilm?

Mntnfilm wants to become a worldwide reference for mountain cinema: a content platform where users can find information on any climbing and mountaineering film from the beginnings of cinema to the present; and a meeting point to connect, audience, festivals, filmmakers and brands.

We want to contribute to position mountain cinema in a prominent place in the audiovisual production panorama, and at the same time, promote it among among mountain and climbing lovers.

Mntnfilm goals

• Promote mountain film culture
• Preserve historical memory of mountain films
• Promote mountain films' production
• Contribute to mountain film's prestige
• Connect the different collectives that converge around mountain cinema: audience and fans, film festivals, filmmakers and film industry, and brands specialized in mountain equipment.

A collaborative project

MNTNFILM is a project designed to grow, enrich, and evolve thanks to the participation and contributions of users and the whole community. We encourage everyone to support us and contribute to move this project forward.

Mountain Film Database

MNTNFILM is the evolution of the Mountain Film Database (www.mountainfilmdb.com), our first website, which we developed in 2011, and which was essentially conceived as a database specialized in mountain film festivals and films. This first project was abandoned and replaced by the MNTNFILM, which with a more transversal vision, allows us to reach a wider audience.

Content platform

Unlike its predecessor, MNTNFILM is also –apart from an extensive and rigorous database– a content platform that makes available to users the world's largest catalog of mountain films available from legal sources in free or on-demand video streaming, or to buy on DVD or Bluray.

Mountain Film Institute

Who's behind mntnfilm?

MNTNFILM is an initiative of the Mountain Film Institue, a private and independent organization created to promote mountain film culture and to preserve the history and legacy of mountain film productions; which show us a parallel evolution line both for cinematography and for mountaineering.

The activity of the Mountain Film Institute revolves around three essential and inalienable areas of work that are closely linked to each other: investigate, preserve, and communicate.


Writing the history of mountain cinema and being able to trace its evolution year after year requires hard research. Mountain film productions are usually too far from commercial circuits and from the minimal popularity or recognition that could ensure them transcend over the years. Much of the production, even the most recent one, is in danger of being forgotten as time goes by. To avoid this, a constant and almost obsessive search is essential, allowing us to identify and catalog as many films as possible, and to find even the rarest, oldest and least-known films.


From the historical and cultural point of view, the knowledge of the existence of a film is as important as keeping a copy that can be viewed. Art does not exist without artwork and literature without books. The preservation task that film libraries and film archives do around the world is fundamental. The Mountain Film Institute dedicates an important part of its resources to create and maintain a global film archive specialized on mountain films, which seeks to be the most extensive and complete in the world.


Culture is shared knowledge. The Mountain Film Institute's work only makes sense if it is to be shared and disclosed. MNTNFILM is the public platform that allows us to share all this knowledge and to connect with users and the community.


Mountain Film Institute is inspired by the vision of a simple man, an anonymous mountaineer who, driven by his interest in cinema, history of mountain climbing, and mountain adventures in literature, became a passionate mountain film collector. Over time and with great dedication, Josep Maria March Cabello put together a valuable collection of mountain films and became a reference for many enthusiasts. His film archive and the way in which he approached the world of mountain cinema were the first stone and the source of inspiration for this project.



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