Film selection criteria

Type of films on MNTNFILM

the mntnfilm database does not include every film about mountains; it only considers those films in which mountaineering, climbing, or the techniques of both disciplines play a relevant role.

To determine if a film has to be published in the MNTNFILM database, we consider the following:

1. Thematic scope

Climbing and mountaineering in all its modalities; but also all those topics directly related. Thus, apart from films showing different variants of climbing and mountaineering (rock, ice, sport, trad, big walls, bouldering, mixed, dry tooling, urban climbing, climbing expeditions...), we also consider subjects like mountain rescue, medicine or science related to mountaineering and climbing, mountaineering history, mountain filming, etc.

2. Genre

We are interested in all genres, we don't make a distinction. From documentaries, theatrical or dramatized films (we call it Dramas), docudramas... to experimental films. However, we don't consider the following formats: talk shows, teasers and trailers, video-clips, unedited footage, television advertisements, internet clips, interviews, gags from humour television programs, etc.

3. Production type

We consider both professional and amateur productions, but not home or family movies. Sometimes it's not easy to determine if an amateur film has enough interest or quality to be included in the MNTNFILM database, so as a general rule, we follow an established criterion that considers only those films that meet any of the following requirements:

• Having been seen on tv, cinemas, or video on demand platforms.

• Having been selected to participate in mountain film festivals.

• Films by filmmakers that have other films in the database.

• Films of special interest due to its quality or historical value

If you know films that meet these requirements and do not appear in the MNTNFILM database, you can notify us by using the add films form. We will analyze with interest the received data to try to make it available for the community as soon as possible.



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