General rules

User code of conduct

For a perfect coexistence between users and to avoid breaking the law in any way, please use channels and the review tools with responsibility.

• Respect: In general, it's required to act respectfully with all published content and to avoid any kind of racist, sexist, harassing, abusive, defamatory, transgressive, or illegal comment or conduct. This also includes publishing links to other sites with disrespectful content.

• Data revealing: It's not allowed to reveal other users' personal data without their express consent.

• Intellectual property: Before sharing any content, make sure you have the right to do so. Please, respect copyright, commercial brand copyrights, and any other intellectual property rights that may be applicable.

• Illicit content: It is prohibited to publish any content that contravenes laws or that may be considered offensive to other users.

• Non warned spoilers: Please, respect those who have not yet seen the films. Do not reveal any crucial aspects of the storyline without warning.

• Spam: It's prohibited to publish messages with invasive spam-like publicity that has nothing to do with the forum sections.

If you come across any content in MNTNFILM that you consider infringing basic use rules, please let us know via the report content form.

All content that does not comply with these basic rules will be removed without notice and users who have published it will be warned. In serious cases or repeated offenses, channels will be closed and users may be expelled from the MNTNFILM.



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