Registered users

Why sign in to MNTNFILM?

Registered users can access different tools and exclusive functionalities that allow them to increase their level of interaction and participation on the website; however, it's important to clarifiy that being a registered user does not give access to those movies that are not available to other users.

What can registered users do?

1. Create personal lists

• Favorite films: public list that can be seen by other users from your channel. If you don't have a channel, the list remains private.
• Films watchlist: personal list to save movies to review later. This list will always be private.
• Festivals list: to save festivals you are interested in.
• Channels list: channels you want to follow.

Movies, festivals and channels are added to personal lists from the film/festival/channel page. To review and manage lists, you must be logged in and go to the user's private area (MY MNTNFILM), accessible from the orange menu with a user icon, next to the language selector.

2. Rate films and channels

To rate a movie or channel, you must be a registered user. These ratings are unique. In the case of rating a film that has already been rated, the previous rate will be modified.

3. Review films and posts

Registered users can review movies and channel entries. Reviews are posted from the movie or channel page respectively. In all the issued comments, please respect the general rules of the website.

4. Open a channel

Registered users can open their own channels. Channels are MNTNFILM pages managed by users, and represent an opportunity for individuals and professionals to disseminate their own content related to mountain cinema, taking advantage of the visibility that the MNTNFILM website gives them.

As for the possibility of watching movies, being a registered user does not give access to any content that is not accessible to other users. The availability of each movie in the MNTNFILM database, which is highlighted with the WATCH FREE, VOD, and DVD labels, is the same for both registered and unregistered users.



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