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  • La Maison Bourgenew 15:13

    La Maison Bourgenew (1990) - FULL MOVIE

    La Maison Bourgenew

    Claude Andrieux ( 1990 - France )

    A climber descends an Himalaya peak. He is alone and exhausted. His friend and cimbing companion, Smith, has just died. His ice-axe broke, a Bourgenew ice-axe. The climber tries to reach the rest of the expedition to announce the whole world that his friend died through the fault of the Bourgenew firm. The firm will go bankrupt and Smith will be reveanged! At least this is what he imagines. But the descent is so long... and when one is alone and tired, the night is long and you have to fight against eternal sleep. Death at high altitude often comes suddenly and is like a strange comedy.

  • Storms - The movie 02:31

    Storms - The movie (2005) - TRAILER

    Storms - The movie

    Alastair Lee, David Halsted ( 2005 - UK )

    This anarchic comedy parodies the hard-core rock-jock mountaineering scene. Finally, a climbing film without any climbing or narrative, in this hysterical analysis of the modern climbing ethic. The onslaught of comedic sketches mirrors the achievements of our heroes. Features a battle scene, superheroes, villains, insane caricatures, short animations, and film parodies. Visually stunning, very funny and slightly risqué - an experimental climbing comedy falling off the edge. The film is composed of different shorts. One of them is a parody of Joe Simpson's Touching the Void ('Touching Myself').

  • De un hilo 09:05

    De un hilo (2005) - FULL MOVIE

    De un hilo

    Juan Carlos Romera ( 2005 - Spain )

    The only way to truly feel your life is by risking it. This incredibly thrilling short film features a determined climber in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, with an ironic twist that can only be called heaven-sent. Story based on an anonymous Sufi tale of oral tradition.

  • Take it to the limit 01:20

    Take it to the limit (2000) - TRAILER

    Take it to the limit

    Sam Kieth ( 2000 - USA )

    A troubled teen (Leo Fitzpatrick) has been sent to his Uncle's wilderness home to be straightened out. But he only gets into more trouble when a pretty local girl (Gretel Roenfeldt) entices him into joining a group of death-defying rock climbers who force him to Take It To The Limit!

  • Cumbres luminosas - Montserrat 03:03

    Cumbres luminosas - Montserrat (1957) - TRAILER

    Cumbres luminosas - Montserrat

    José Fogués ( 1957 - Spain )

    A tormented thief takes refuge in Montserrat, fleeing from accomplices whom he has betrayed. There he meets Margot, the woman he loves, but by the whims of fate they can not be together too long.

  • Vertige 02:03

    Vertige (2009) - TRAILER


    Abel Ferry ( 2009 - France )

    A group of friends on vacation decide to venture onto a trail high up in the mountains that has been closed for repairs. The climb proves more perilous than planned, especially as they soon realize that they are not alone. The adventure turns into a nightmare.


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