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  • Welsh connections 04:57

    Welsh connections (2009) - EXCERPT

    Welsh connections

    Dave Brown ( 2009 - UK )

    A rampage through the diversity of Welsh climbing: Mountain crags, deep water soloing, slate weirdness, massive seacliffs, boudering and sport. A cast of new wave British rock stars join legends from the past, on cutting edge first ascents as well as great test pieces from the previous generation. Surveying this historic climbing Mecca it seems every top climber has a Welsh Connection.

  • Cavewoman 02:52

    Cavewoman (2005) - EXCERPT


    Dave Brown ( 2005 - UK )

    Scottish climber Fiona Murray has taken a career break to climb full-time. She spends the whole winter season in the Canadian Rockies and becomes obsessed with a route called "Caveman", a classic hard mixed climb. When it was first climbed five years ago, it was considered one of the hardest routes in the world. A humorous and inspirational tale for every female who has ever felt intimidated in the often testosterone-dominated mountain-sports arena. (This is an excerpt from the 38-minute film "All Mixed Up".)

  • All mixed up 04:44

    All mixed up (2005) - EXCERPT

    All mixed up

    Dave Brown, Paul Diffley ( 2005 - UK )

    All Mixed Up is a gripping tale of two female climbers from Scotland as they push their limits to see if they have what it takes in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Tackling some of the steepest and toughest routes in the country, their roller coaster ride of self-questioning and sheer bloody-mindedness dressed up as determination is an inspirational story of success in the hard world of winter mixed climbing.

  • Fools with tools 15:55

    Fools with tools (2004) - FULL MOVIE

    Fools with tools

    Dave Brown, Paul Diffley ( 2004 - UK )

    In this fast-flowing climbing film that doesn't take itself too seriously, a group of unremarkable but determined climbers from Edinburgh attempts to repeat Scott Muir's dry-tooling test piece "Fast and Furious". Follow the fools' indoor training, easier "warm-up" routes and finally their attempts on the actual route. Self-deprecating humour and genuine human emotion surface when the climbers push themselves to their own physical and mental limits.

  • Return to Indian Face 18:04

    Return to Indian Face (2011) - FULL MOVIE

    Return to Indian Face

    Paul Diffley ( 2011 - UK )

    Return to Indian Face is a documentary about rock climbing that takes place in Clogwyn Du'r Arddu. It was directed by Paul Diffley in 2011 and produced by Hot Aches. It features Dave MacLeod, Claire MacLeod, Johnny Dawes and Nick Dixon.

  • Stick it 02:06

    Stick it (2001) - EXCERPT

    Stick it

    Ben Pritchard ( 2001 - UK )

    50 minutes of bouldering action collected over 8 months with all the big cheeses pulling down all the big numbers and more...All put together to a very funky selection of tracks.

  • The long hope 02:21

    The long hope (2011) - TRAILER

    The long hope

    Paul Diffley ( 2011 - UK )

    In 1970, climber/poet Ed Drummond and climbing partner Oliver Hill, spent 7 days making their way to the top of a wild and remote 1150’ sea cliff at St John’s Head on the Island of Hoy. Forty years later, Scottish climber Dave MacLeod sets out to climb the cliff in a single day. Director Paul Diffley captures MacLeod’s historic climb in great style, contrasting it with the challenges of Drummond’s first ascent – then achingly returns to the route with Drummond.

  • Splinter 04:04

    Splinter (2006) - FULL MOVIE


    Richard Heap, Ben Pritchard ( 2006 - UK )

    Brush up your Scottish English while Malcolm Smith climbs the hardest wood boulder problem in the U.K.

  • Exposure Vol. 1 02:18

    Exposure Vol. 1 (2013) - TRAILER

    Exposure Vol. 1

    Chuck Fryberger, Kyle Berkompas ( 2013 - USA )

    In this first installment of The Exposure Series, we'll follow professional climbers Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Matt Wilder, Cheyne Lempe, Mason Earle, Angie Payne, and Cody Roth as they seek out and attempt to climb some of the worlds most challenging boulders, mountains, and traditional routes. Experience the emotional hardships, physical pain, and mental battles as these athletes attempt to redefine their boundaries in the world of rock climbing. Their dedication and commitment to the sport will take them from the windy peaks of Patagonia to the harsh desert of Utah.

  • Salathé - Blood, sweat and bagels 03:52

    Salathé - Blood, sweat and bagels (2002) - EXCERPT

    Salathé - Blood, sweat and bagels

    Richard Heap ( 2002 - UK )

    Neil Bentley and Richard Heap had a dream to tackle one of the world's most spectacular and difficult free-climbs ­ the 3000-foot "Salathé Wall" on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. This film follows their adventure as they try to come to grips with the unremitting nature of the granite terrain, with five days of living in a vertical world and, more importantly, with the conflict that arises when dreams meet reality.

  • Johnny Dawes & The story of Indian Face 31:29

    Johnny Dawes & The story of Indian Face (2006) - FULL MOVIE

    Johnny Dawes & The story of Indian Face

    Alun Hughes ( 2006 - UK )

    Johnny Dawes & The story of Indian Face is a documentary about rock climbing that takes place in Clogwyn Du'r Arddu. It was directed by Alun Hughes in 2006 and produced by Hughes Film. It features Johnny Dawes, Joe Brown, Nick Dixon and John Redhead.

  • Stone monkey 01:45

    Stone monkey (1988) - TRAILER

    Stone monkey

    Huw Williams ( 1988 - UK )

    Dynamic movement is the theme for this portrait of one of Britain's most exciting young climbers, Johnny Dawes.


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