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  • Ieri, oggi, domani 27:06

    Ieri, oggi, domani (2014) - FULL MOVIE

    Ieri, oggi, domani

    Richard Felderer ( 2014 - Italy )

    Matteo Piccardi and Gerry RedePaolini plan to repeat freely the routes that the Spiders of Lecco (Ragni di Lecco) opened on the Grigne. A film by Richard Felderer with Giovanni Ratti, Dino Piazza, Matteo Piccardi, Gerardo Redepaolini and Claudio Trentani.

  • L'inverno del Vicino 22:30

    L'inverno del Vicino (2014) - FULL MOVIE

    L'inverno del Vicino

    Pietro Bagnara ( 2014 - Italy )

    Two men prepare to climb a mountain in winter. At the end of the day they set off and begin their ascent along a beautiful and imposing wall, covered with metres and metres of snow and ice. It looks like a remote corner of the world, but instead they are on the Wall of Fažana in the group of Grigne just 20 minutes from Lake Como.

  • New heights 23:08

    New heights (1997) - FULL MOVIE (USA ONLY)

    New heights

    Michael Slee, Nancy Goodell, Steve Moss ( 1997 - USA )

    Meet legend and astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. He describes what it was like to shoot through space, land on the moon, and take part in the moon walk. Shuttle mission specialist Dan Bursch talks about what modern shuttle launches and missions are like. Go ice climbing with Paul Turecki, Brian Teale, Karen Hilton, and Greg Giedt as they climb a frozen waterfall. Resident extremist Laird Hamilton goes sea kayaking in Maui. He and his team fight the waves and soon turn the kayaking into a surfing expedition.

  • Ice climbing 23:08

    Ice climbing (1992) - FULL MOVIE (USA ONLY)

    Ice climbing

    Brian Lockwood ( 1992 - USA )

    Kitty calhoun is a young lady capable of challenging vertical ice formations where most men would never dare to climb. Only a few select wave warriors have been able to combine the strong and furious talent of wind surfing off the north shore of maui. Franz weber will learn what it takes to combine raw strength and courage.

  • Orbayu 26:55

    Orbayu (2016) - FULL MOVIE


    Mathieu Rivoire, Julien Nadiras ( 2016 - France )

    In Spain, in the Naranjo de Bulnes sector of the Picos de Europa National Park hide the Orbayus... One is the characteristic mist, or thin fog, that often settles and hangs on the slopes, soaking every little thing all the way through. The other is a daunting climb. At 2000 meters elevation it winds upward for 500 more in thirteen stunning pitches, a crux at 8c and overwhelming exposure. In spring 2014, Cedric Lachat and Nina Caprez made their attempt where, on the Orbayu, success hinges on an intricate and complex balance of the psyche.

  • Valley of giants 29:57

    Valley of giants (2015) - FULL MOVIE

    Valley of giants

    Miguel Willis, Read Macadam ( 2015 - Canada )

    In February 2015 Philippe Ribière and Dan Bates visited Oman-based climber Read Macadam in the Sultanate of Oman. With word of a treasure trove of massive potential for bouldering first ascents, they explored a remote canyon high in the Hajar Mountains on the eastern most part of Arabia. What they discovered is world class. Get transported back to another era - an ancient village settlement nestled in a valley full of giant freestanding boulders, and join them as they climb first ascents in the home of a traditional Arabic people from another time.

  • Perdutamente Cerro Torre 03:58

    Perdutamente Cerro Torre (2014) - TRAILER

    Perdutamente Cerro Torre

    Paola Nessi ( 2014 - Italy )

    In addition to being one of the most fascinating mountains in the world, Cerro Torre is also one of the most controversial places in the history of modern climbing. From Cesare Maestri and Toni Egger’s tragic attempts, up to the feat of Casimiro Ferrari, Perdutamente Cerro Torre reorganises the numerous pieces making up an event that has by now become a legend and that remains a source of inspiration for all passionate mountain enthusiasts.

  • Erdbeben am Mount Everest 40:50

    Erdbeben am Mount Everest (2015) - FULL MOVIE

    Erdbeben am Mount Everest

    Frank Senn, Otto C. Honegger, Hari Thapa, Lisa Röösli ( 2015 - Switzerland )

    Norbu Sherpa and his Swiss friend Andrea Zimmermann are on their way to Mount Everest. The lovers are preparing for the ascent. There is a lot of snow, the conditions are chaotic. A huge earthquake shook Nepal on the morning of 25 April 2015. Norbu and Andrea remain unharmed, but are stuck at the Tibetan border for several days. The dream of Mount Everest has no meaning anymore. Norbu and Andrea travel to Kathmandu, where they distribute relief supplies to the suffering population. Their expedition tent is now not in the Himalayas, but on a meadow in the disaster area.

  • Spielplatz der Extreme 01:26

    Spielplatz der Extreme (2015) - TRAILER

    Spielplatz der Extreme

    Franz Hinterbrandner, Max Reichel ( 2015 - Austria )

    French Provence is home to one of the most spectacular and exceptional places in Europe: the Verdon Gorge. For decades, it has been an Eldorado for extreme sports enthusiasts who pursue their passion on the steep walls, the wild river and the airy heights. Stefan Glowacz and Christian Schlesener, two professional alpinists from Bavaria, have been trying their luck on one of the most difficult multi-rope routes in the gorge for over ten years and have failed countless times, yet they keep coming back. Like the kayakers, slackliners and paragliders. All athletes are united by a passion for adventure. But the shared moments and the experience of nature will also shape their memories of the gorge.

  • Die Freiheit, die ich meine 01:23

    Die Freiheit, die ich meine (2015) - TRAILER

    Die Freiheit, die ich meine

    Eduardo Gellner ( 2015 - Austria )

    The idea: to climb two one thousand meter high walls of limestone without a rope and without a partner. Free solo. Rudi Hauser will connect these walls in Salzburg's Pongau region, which are about 15 km apart as the crow flies, with a mountain run and a wheel unit. Everything from own strength. For some it sounds crazy, for Rudi it means absolute freedom.

  • Aratitiyope 29:05

    Aratitiyope (2010) - FULL MOVIE


    Neal Ficker, Alex Hemingway ( 2010 - USA )

    National Geographic Young Explorer Asa Firestone and partner Matthew Othmer venture deep into the darkness of the Venezuelan Amazon to attempt a first ascent on the mythical 'Cerro Aratitiyope'. A film by Alex Hemingway and Neal Ficker.

  • Pioners 04:24

    Pioners (2014) - TRAILER


    Miquel Pérez, Miquel Vilaplana, Pere Carbonell ( 2014 - Spain )

    Pioners narrates the activity of the Catalan climbers born before the Spanish Civil War that, in the 1940's and from the Montserrat walls and needles, introduced modern climbing in Catalonia. Some of them, exquisits, created prototypes of new climbing utensils to open themselves up and make sure where previously it could not be done.


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