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  • Campioni sulla neve 12:18

    Campioni sulla neve (1941) - FULL MOVIE

    Campioni sulla neve

    Stefano Canzio, Gino Millozza ( 1941 - Italy )

    A documentary illustrating the mountain sports activities of the university students of the GUF (Gruppi universitari fascisti) in Val Gardena, Madonna di Campiglio and Roccaraso. The film starts with a rock climbing winter ascent to Sasso Lungo (Langkofel). A party of four men make an approach on skis and climb roped from the base of the mountain to the summit. Then the film shows images of different competitions: ski (cross country, slalom, ski jumping), skating (figure, speed) and biathlon. A propaganda film of the Italian fascist regime.

  • Adventure Photographer 43:11

    Adventure Photographer (2017) - FULL MOVIE

    Adventure Photographer

    Clint Lealos ( 2017 - USA )

    As a nomadic adventure photographer, Krystle Wright is used to heading into the unknown. But her latest ambition to capture a rock climber (Mayan Smith-Gobat) on the famous Tasmanian spire, the Totem Pole, while suspended above the ocean, has never been done before. An episode of the Breaking the Day series, that follows the stories of eight individuals, each preparing for a day that has the potential to be their greatest achievement or most crushing defeat.

  • Tsavagattaq 27:01

    Tsavagattaq (1999) - FULL MOVIE


    Micke Sundberg ( 1999 - Norway, Sweden )

    A single picture taken by kayakers showed a spectacular rock spire, and made us start planning our East-Greenland expedition. Our aim was the monstrous head wall on that unnamed remote mountain deep into the world’s biggest fjord. On our first trip we learned that the wall was too loose for our ambitions, and during our attempt to free climb the South Ridge we also learned that the weather shifts rapidly from Arctic summer to full winter. We where forced back, and had to return home without getting to the summit. But we plan to return to the mountain that we have decided to name Tsavagattaq -The point of the harpoon-.

  • The snows of many years 12:54

    The snows of many years (1917) - FULL MOVIE

    The snows of many years

    Robert Cameron Bruce ( 1917 - USA )

    Known also as 'The Crystal Ascension', the film chronicles an exploration of Mount Hood and its glaciers by a mountain-climbing party who explore the snowfields of the Eliot Glacier, the largest glacier on Mount Hood. It shows excellent close views of mountain glaciers and strange ice formations. The film was produced by Robert Cameron Bruce for the Education Films Corporation of America as part of the Bruce Scenic Series.

  • The lone climber 09:32

    The lone climber (1949) - EXCERPT

    The lone climber

    William C. Hammond ( 1949 - Austria, UK )

    A group of children learn the value of obeying the rules in this children's adventure that centers around a fateful expedition to the Swiss Alps. A group of children and their teacher go there for a visit. One of the children decides to disobey his guardian and climb a mountain. The other kinder refuse to rat on him to the teacher; instead they decide that they will rescue him themselves and endeavor to bring him safely back. Along the way, one child is injured and must be rescued by professionals.

  • Poumaka 07:01

    Poumaka (2015) - FULL MOVIE


    Keith Ladzinski, Andy Mann ( 2015 - USA )

    Angie Payne and National Geographic explorer-climber Mike Libecki battle the jungle to make the first ascent of the south face of Poumaka, a remote 3,264-foot spire on Ua Pou, an island in French Polynesia. After 16 days of climbing Poumaka, Mike Libecki and Angie Payne forged a new route to the summit of the remote island spire. Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann, with 3 Strings Productions, were there to document what turned out to be 8 pitches of dangerous, rain-battered, choss-infested, mud-covered A4 climbing. Shorten version of the original 15 minutes film, titled Poumaka Tower.

  • Nuit blanche 00:56

    Nuit blanche (2010) - TRAILER

    Nuit blanche

    Samuel Tilman ( 2010 - Belgium )

    As night falls, a group of mountain climbers is trapped outside by a violent storm. A rescue crew is sent out to search for them. In the meantime, the only person the group can contact is Serge, a mountain rescue policeman who tries to reassure them over the phone and help them fight off the cold. But the storm is raging and Serge gradually realises that maybe not all mountaineers will make it through the night…

  • Nieve y alpinismo 10:04

    Nieve y alpinismo (1967) - FULL MOVIE

    Nieve y alpinismo

    ( 1967 - Spain )

    Report of the series 'Images' of the NO-DO, the news program that was obligatorily projected in the Spanish cinemas before the movies during the Franco dictatorship. The documentary begins with winter images in Budapest and winter sports such as bobsleigh, and ends with a report of rock climbing and mountaineering practices of the French alpine commandos in the Mont Blanc Massif.

  • Mt Kennedy - North Ridge Ascent 28:15

    Mt Kennedy - North Ridge Ascent (1986) - FULL MOVIE

    Mt Kennedy - North Ridge Ascent

    Paul Berntsen ( 1986 - USA )

    Documentary on the attempt of the north ridge of Mount Kennedy, in Saint Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory in alpine style with no support in 1986. The route was stablished in 1968 by David Seidman and Todd Thompson. A film by Paul Berntsen. Climbers: Paul Berntsen, Bruce Kay and Russ Turner.

  • Little Karim 05:08

    Little Karim (1985) - EXCERPT

    Little Karim

    Laurent Chevallier ( 1985 - France )

    The portrait, often portrayed by himself through memories, confessions and reflections flavoured with flashes of humour, of Little Karim, a charismatic highly experienced Pakistan mountain porter, who is now serving, with others like himself, a French expedition to Gasherbrum II and reaches an altitude of 8000 m for the first time.

  • Kanchendzönga 42:56

    Kanchendzönga (1975) - FULL MOVIE


    Gerhard Baur ( 1975 - Germany )

    Chronicle of the 1975 German-Austrian expedition to the Kangchenjunga West (8505 meters), in Nepal. Kangchenjunga and its satellite peaks form a huge mountain massif, and it's the third highest mountain in the world. The documentary, which makes use of an excellent cinematographic language and of exceptional effectiveness filming, pays particular attention to the human values of a company created with the spirit of friendly collaboration between mountaineers and sherpas.

  • Gé'Orgie [Célébrer la terre] 16:22

    Gé'Orgie [Célébrer la terre] (2015) - FULL MOVIE

    Gé'Orgie [Célébrer la terre]

    Guillaume Funck, Loïc Debry ( 2015 - Belgium )

    Georgia is an unknown country between Turkey and Russia. 10 young guys travelled there to trek, climb mountains and had a lot of fun. Here is their story... Overcoming the 5000 meters, crossing a frozen river, walking through the wild nature and sharing great laughter with the whole group... These are some of the strongest memories of our discovery of Georgia last July. We are 10 friends who went on an adventure in a country that was unknown to us and we recovered our strongest feelings to make history on video.


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