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help us grow mntnfilm.

we love cinema and we love mountains, and for us, mntnfilm is a great dream fulfilled; but we are aware that there is still a lot to do and a long way to go, so we would like to count on your support to keep moving forward and to keep dreaming...

How can you help grow MNTNFILM?

1. becoming an active user.

Commenting and voting on movies and channel entries; opening a channel and publishing your own content; and in general, providing opinions, knowledge and points of view that enrich the content and keep alive the website of the MNTNFILM.

2. spreading our project.

In social networks, in specialized media, among your friends and in your environment... in general, making known the MNTNFILM project wherever you go.

3. helping us with the contents.

Sending information about new films or festivals. Sending missing data to complement the uploaded films and festivals. Warning us about any error in the contents or in the operation of the web. Helping us updating the festival dates. Also, sending us feedback on any aspect of the website.

4. providing material to our archives.

Giving films, posters or documents to the MNTNFILM archives, to analyze, catalog, and preserve them with the purpose of uploading the obtained information into the website.

5. Donating.

Any economic contribution will be very helpful for us. Every size counts. We are a small organization that is mainly funded by private contributions and donations. On this budget depends all MNTNFILM's work: research, contents, our archives, and in general, the pace at which we can grow the project. So yes, we also need money to exist and to keep moving forward...

We are also open to other types of collaborations. We want MNTNFILM to become a collective project that grows, enriches and evolves thanks to the participation and contributions of users, and the whole community.

If you think you can help us and want to collaborate, do not hesitate to get in touch with by filling the following contact form.

Thank you very much on behalf of MNTNFILM and the whole community.




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