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Terms and conditions contract

1. General conditions

Administration rights
MNTNFILM is a private website offering different contents and services. MNTNFILM’s administration is not under any commercial partnership of any kind and under any obligation to provide any specified services (for free or payable). MNTNFILM reserves the right to delete, cancel or modify any of its services without previous notice and without asking for express consent.

Conditions acceptance
By visiting and using the MNTNFILM website and any of the provided services the user recognizes to have read, accepted and consented as a user the contract terms and use conditions published in this page and any other particular conditions that may be published for certain website services. The user also accepts and acknowledges the fact the owner reserves his right to modify or suspend available pages, the site, or to delete temporally or permanently submitted data at any moment and without previous notice holding no responsibility towards users.

Using services and contents of MNTNFILM website, simply by accessing the site as a user, he/she is subject to: terms and use conditions contract, legislation currently in force, good faith principles and public order and Human Rights International Law.

In some cases, MNTNFILM may use cookies when the user browses some of the web pages. A cookie is a text file that asks for permission to be stored in the user's hard drive. Cookies MNTNFILM uses cannot read any of the user's hard drive data. As a user, you may configure your browser to notify installing petitions for cookies or to completely reject their installation. You may also delete files containing cookies. These files will be part of your browser resources. MNTNFILM will not under any circumstances hold responsibility for information loss, storing failure, content inexactitude or other circumstances in relation to information in your hard drive (see Cookies policy).

Right to veto
MNTNFILM reserves the right to delete any data, registry (partially or totally), ratings, critique, list or any other user's information without previous notification. Any suspicion of manipulation, fraudulent use, or wrongful use of the website, can mean the user's complete profile may be erased. To guarantee reliability, transparency, impartiality and objectivity of all information in the website, MNTNFILM administration reserves the right to delete any kind of user votes with less than 6 months antiquity, with less than 10 posts on the site in the same period or with less than 100 voted films.

Access responsibility
MNTNFILM and its owner are not responsible for the web content being appropriate or accessible for its use in other sites where this content is illegal or prohibited. Whomever accesses the website from these sites do so out of their own choice and local laws are only their concern.

2. Affiliate disclosure

Affiliate links
MNTNFILM participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (details below) and the Amazon EU Associates Programme (details below). This means that if you click on any of our affiliate links and then make a purchase we receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
MNTNFILM is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Amazon EU Associates Program
MNTNFILM is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, y Amazon.es.

3. Privacy policy

MNTNFILM guarantees personal data confidentiality. No submitted data will be shared with any organization, company or person outside MNTNFILM.

Abiding legislation on personal data protection currently in force, the user may, at any point, exercise his/her right to rectify or cancel data under the established law and rules either via the user's own personal menu, when being a registered user, or by sending a specific petition via the contact form.

User access to MNTNFILM makes the user's IP connection public, and may be viewed by the web's administration.

Email communications
MNTNFILM reserves the right to send emails to our users to inform them about any changes, news or other web events.

4. Copyright

Published content authorship
Users publishing content in MNTNFILM website will have to have total ownership over their pieces, therefore, MNTNFILM expressly forbids total or partial reproduction of any kind of displayed pieces in the site, being only the author whom may authorize to do so as he/she may consider.

Users that publish content without having its ownership and property will have to inform so expressly by indicating the author's name and source of the published content. If this information is omitted, MNTNFILM will not be held responsible for the legal unfulfillment of author rights. It will be the user publishing the content whom can be held responsible in front of the author rights owner of that content.

Content provided by MNTNFILM
MNTNFILM web content that users haven't provided is the property of MNTNFILM, except if indicated differently. Access to this content doesn't imply a license to reproduce, distribute, commercialize and/or transform it except with previous and express MNTNFILM consent.

Responsibility over opinions
MNTNFILM does not take responsibility over any user's expressed opinions in any of the web sections. Ultimate responsibility belongs to the author of these opinions.



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