Publish your own content

Channels are MNTNFILM pages managed by users; an opportunity for everyone to disseminate their own content related to mountain cinema taking advantage of the visibility that the website gives them.

Open your own channel to share your opinions, concerns and knowledge. If you are a professional user, you can open a PRO channel and promote your business and projects.

1. How to open a channel

To open a channel you must be a registered user, and once you are logged in, go to My Channel in the registered user menu (MY MNTNFILM). This menu is next to the language selector and is an orange square with a user icon. You can also use this direct link: Open a channel. Once there, you will be able to edit your channel profile and post and manage entries.

2. How channels work

Channels are a kind of blogs inside MNTNFILM. Channel entries may contain an image and links to movies from the MNTNFILM database. Users can vote for their favorite channels, save them to personal lists, and also, comment on the entries. The channel search engine allows you to sort them by likes and thus see which are the most popular ones.

3. Professional channels

Channels opened by professional users are identified with the PRO tag. These channels have more visibility and can be searched selectively. A professional channel can be a good way to promote movies, businesses or festivals, and an opportunity to connect with a specialized audience.

4. Recommendations

To manage your channel, we recommend you consider the following:

· Update content regularly
By default, channel list shows channels in update order. The idea is to highlight new content. A channel without activity will inevitably be relegated to the bottom of the list.

• Pay attention to the channel profile
Every channel is swown in the channels list as a square box with an image, a title, the username and the description. This is the channel's showcase, so it is advisable to take them into account and use them with a purpose.

• Use publish/unpublish
When an entry is created, it will not be visible to other users until the publish box is checked. This lets the user prepare content in advance and publish it when desired.

• Use the tool to link MNTNFILM movies
This helps users to find the movies being discussed in the entry and helps them put themselves in the right context.

5. Channel rules

For a perfect coexistence between users and to avoid breaking the law in any way, please use channels with responsibility:

• Respect: In general, it's required to act respectfully with all published content and to avoid any kind of racist, sexist, harassing, abusive, defamatory, transgressive, or illegal comment or conduct. This also includes publishing links to other sites with disrespectful content.

• Data revealing: It's not allowed to reveal other users' personal data without their express consent.

• Intellectual property: Before sharing any content, make sure you have the right to do so. Please, respect copyright, commercial brand copyrights, and any other intellectual property rights that may be applicable.

• Illicit content: It is prohibited to publish any content that contravenes laws or that may be considered offensive to other users.

• Non warned spoilers: Please, respect those who have not yet seen the films. Do not reveal any crucial aspects of the storyline without warning.

• Spam: It's prohibited to publish messages with invasive spam-like publicity that has nothing to do with the forum sections.

If you come across any content in MNTNFILM that you consider infringing basic use rules, please let us know via the report content form.

All content that does not comply with these basic rules will be removed without notice and users who have published it will be warned. In serious cases or repeated offenses, channels will be closed and users may be expelled from the MNTNFILM.



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