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This short text presents channel. It is shown in the channel header and in the listings. Together with Username, Channel's Title, and Channel Picture, it's channel's showcase, so we recommend to pay attention to this content and use it with a purpose.


About posts

How posts work?

About posts
Every post has a title and an optional subtitle and can be accompanied by a picture and by direct links to related films. These links are a good way to help users understand the context of the post. Users can comment on published posts and also share them by email, Facebook, or Twitter. Entries remain hidden for all users until they have the Publish box checked. This lets you leave the post unfinished and make it invisible until you have finished it. You can publish as many entries as you want and in any language. Posts are sorted by creation date, which is shown before the post title. The only way to reorder posts is deleting and creating them again in the desired order, but deleting a post means deleting the comments made about it. NOTE: Posts must have a unique title. If you create two posts under the same title, only the last one will be shown.


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